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seminar series held around the constitution of the NECEP prototype

Workshop in Budapest

“Non-European ethnographical collections in Central and Eastern Europe” ECHO Workshop
Budapest, 26th and 27th March, 2004

The papers given at the workshop are downloadable on this page. Please click the filename to do so.

Balázs Borsos Photos of the Teleki Expedition and the Coming of Photography in African Field-Studies borsos.pdf
Ralf Ceplak Mencin Non-European Collections in the Slovene Ethnographic Museum ceplak.pdf
Juri Chistov Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) Russian Academy of Sciences: History of Museum and its ethnographical collections, published catalogues and on-line database chistov.pdf
Edina Földessy The history of the African collection of the Museum of Ethnography of Budapest foldessy.pdf
Damodar Frlan Non-European Collections in the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb: Origins and Perspectives frlan.pdf
János Gyarmati The Pre-Columbian collection and international contacts of the Museum of Ethnography gyarmati.pdf
Katerina Klápstová The Czech National Museum (Náprstek Museum ) and its American Ethnographical and Archaeological Collections klapstova.pdf
Anna Nadolska The Non-European Collection in the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum in Lodz
Zoltán Nagy On a Vasyugan River Khanty shamanic drum nagy.pdf
Árpád Papp Caught Between State and Policy
(Subotica Municipal Museum’s Non-European Collection)
Barbara Plankensteiner The history of collections at the Museum für Völkerkunde in Vienna, Austria.
An Overview
Gábor Vargyas A Short History of the Pacific Collections of the Ethnographic Museum, Budapest vargyas.pdf
Gábor Wilhelm The Japanese collection of the Museum of Ethnography of Budapest wilhelm.pdf